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Making money with car photography is something that every car spotter has ever thought about.
If you’ve come here, you probably have wondered too how to make money with your car photography and turn it into your job.

Good news, you have come to the right place, with Carzoomers you will be able to make money with your car spotting pictures. Just join for free and upload you car photography!

Let´s talk a little about Car spotting.
Car spotting is taking pictures of interesting cars on public roads. It is about car lovers who also have a passion for photography. It is the conjunction of these two worlds that has given rise to a large number of photographers who literally make art with their cameras.

Sell Car Spotting

If you are a car spotter you may be wondering how it is possible to make money with your hobby. Well, we are in luck, there are people who are willing to pay for those photos: the car owners.

Car owners who own interesting vehicles are usually car lovers as well. This means that many of them would love to have artistic photos of their cars. In fact, many of them spend hours on social media trying to find photos of their cars, and other car owners even hire photographers to shoot their cars.

This is why Carzoomers exists. A place where car owners can easily find photos of their machines and where photographers can earn money with their shots.

Earn money with automotive photography online

Easy, all you need is a camera and a vehicle to capture. Then follow these steps:

 – Fin good car photography locations, set up your camera settings and take a nice photo of an interesting vehicle.

 – Edit your car photo, do your magic.

 – Join, become a Carzoomer.

 – Upload your shot.

And that´s all! when a car owner buys your photo you will be paid.

Earn money car spotting
An example of how to make money as a car photographer
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