Frequently Asked Questions


1- How it works?

– The photographer (Contributor) uploads his or her content, if the photo meets the upload requirements it is approved and published on the website.
Then a customer finds a photo of his car and buys it. The contributor gets his money and the car owner gets his photo. Now both are happy and so are we.

– I do not want my vehicle to appear on the website.
– It´s fine, just send us an email to and we will remove any content of your vehicle.

2- Contributor Questions

- What commission split do I get?
- The contributor wiil get the 60% of the price, excluding taxes, on all direct sales of his photos on Carzoomers.

-  May i upload my photos to other websites and platforms?
- Yes. But if you want to get your commission, we recommend you not share your photos without the watermark.

- How long does the contributor´s contract last?
- You can leave anytime you want by giving us a 45 days´ notice by email.

- Who owns the copyright of my uploaded photos on Carzoomers?
- The contributor owns the copyright of all his/her photos as authors.

3- Uploading images

- What content may i upload to Carzoomers?
- You can check the upload requirements but in summay:

-Vehicle photography owned by you
-JPEG files
-Without watermarks, borders or logos
-High quality photos
-Minimum size 5Mp (Megapixels)
-Max file size is 25 MB

How do I upload my images to Carzoomers?
- First you need to register as contributor, then you can upload your photos through our upload page.

Once your image is uploaded, our team will evaluate if it meets the requirements.If it does, your photo will be uploaded in Carzoomers, you will be notified by email. Normally this process takes less than 24h on average.

If your photo does not meet the requirements we will notify you the reasons so you can fix it or improve the next photos.

Do I have to erase the license plates and faces?
- No, you don't. We´ll do it for you.

Can I delete my photos once they have been uploaded?
- Yes, you may delete any Images after one ninety (45) days notice.

4- Sales

How much do I earn if my photo is sold?
For each photo that is sold you get 60% of the subtotal sale price excluding taxes. Depending on the currency, the country and the exchange rate the final amount may differ by a small amount.
For example, if the purchase is made from the European Union the total price is 9.95 euros, the subtotal (excluding 21% tax) for Spain is 8.22 euros, so the contributor would get the 60% of 8.22 euros which is 4.93 euros for each photo sold.
So we will send you those 4.93 euros and the company that processes the payment (Paypal or Stripe) will take a small commission depending on the payment method the contributor has entered. (e.g. Paypal fee is 2.90% + 0.35 Eur for Spain.)
We will always choose the payment method that favors the contributor the most.
(This information is indicative and not contractual because it may differ due to the variables mentioned above)

- How do I know when one of my photos has been sold?
- We will send you an email every time someone buys one of your photos. In addition, you can see your monthly sales in the section "My account"=>"My Sales".

5- Seller Payments

- How much earning do I have to accumulate in order to receive my money?
- None! You will get paid each time one of your photos is sold.

- How long will it take to receive payment?
- We will try to send you the payment as soon as possible. Normally we will send the payment in less than 24h, although if there is any failure in the system it can be delayed.
In case you do not receive the payment in a week, please contact us at

- What are the methods of payment to contributors?
- Paypal and Stripe.
You must save your preferred payment method (1 or both) in "My Account"=>"Payment Methods" so we can send you the payment.

Your PayPal and Stripe addresses remain hidden for security reasons but are saved in our system.

6- Customer Payment Methods

- What are the payment methods for customers?
- Customers can use PayPal and Stripe Credit card payment gateways to purchase photos.

- Can I pay by credit or debit card?
- Yes, you can pay by credit or debit card through PayPal or Stripe gateways.

- Do I have to pay any commission for using the payment gateways?
- No, we pay the fees for the payment gateways.

- What type of credit or debit card can I use to make the payment?
- You can use through the PayPal payment gateway: Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, Aurora and Maestro.
-And through the Stripe payment gateway: Visa, Master Card and American Express.

7- Downloading Photos

- What do I receive when I make a purchase at Carzoomers?
- When you buy a photo in Carzoomers you receive a digital JPEG file with the dimensions you have chosen. You will receive the photo in a ZIP file.

- Where do I receive my photo?
- At the email address you provided during checkout.

- I made the payment and I don't get the picture.
- Every time a purchase is made, our system processes the photo to send it in the right size. This usually takes a few minutes.
First, check the spam box, sometimes our emails get there.
If more than 20 minutes have passed and you have not received your photo, there is a problem with our processor. In this case please contact us at

We will send you your photo as soon as possible :)

8- My Account

- How do I change my public Contributor name?
- You can change your visible contributor name in My Account > Edit Account > Display name. Enter the name you want and save your changes.

- Why are all my email addresses shown as hidden for security?
- For security reasons, email addresses and PayPal or Stripe addresses are hidden but stored in our database.
If you want to make sure that your email and payment addresses are saved you can enter them again and save the changes in My account > Edit Account or in My Account > Payment Methods.

9- Deleting your Account

- How do I delete my account?
- Customer: you can delete your account in "My account"=>"Delete Account". It's as simple as that.
- Contributor: to delete your contributor account you must notify us that you want to leave Carzoomers at the next emai:

Once we have received your email we will begin the process of removing your account. Your images and your account will be deleted 45 days after you send us the email with your intention to leave Carzoomers.

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